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Bess Venture and Advisory is a family fund focused on bringing real operational experience to support success of founder/entrepreneurs and early to mid-stage companies.


The principal investor of the fund has turned his passion for leading, developing and coaching people – toward helping build great and valuable businesses.


Through decades of executing across all functional and operational disciplines and building relationships with customers and executives globally, Bess Ventures & Advisory has knowledge, operational experience, deep insight and access to talent - skilled in bringing most early and mid-stage companies to scale and profitability.


Lane Bess, Principal & Founder

About Us
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Achieving success in the early and middle stage requires clear vision and strategy followed by a well-defined plan.


Bess Ventures & Advisory advises entrepreneurs and early stage leadership teams in executing in each of these key areas. We bring real operational experience in multiple areas of discipline.

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Considering product and market fit, Total Addressable Market (TAM) sizing and segmentation are fundamental in establishing a multi-dimensional Go-to-Market strategy. Taking a comprehensive

approach in developing a plan to achieve scalable, repeatable and predictable revenue performance

models, while considering the overall productivity of resources, is the foundation of the BV&A approach.

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Bess Ventures & Advisory focuses on advising firms in the Enterprise markets.


Bess Ventures & Advisory advises and invests in firms where its services and advice can make a difference in the outcome and success of its portfolio and client firms.



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