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Strategy Definition

A large part of the success of the firm is determined by the strategy of the company and how this strategy drives the downstream plans for execution. Often times companies mistake a product idea as being a strategy – or in some cases a single product defining the entire company. Bess Ventures & Advisory assists firms in carefully understanding the market they are addressing and the potential options for building a meaningful business. This entails understanding of the Total Addressable Market (TAM), Mapping against the competitive landscape and determining the best execution alternatives.


Fund Raising and Valuation

In the current market environment, many factors go into securing the proper funding and valuation for the firm. The quality of the management team, the market potential for growth – and the actual growth rate are key factors. Identifying the right funding source is equally important. Bess Ventures assists early and mid-state companies develop a compelling case for funding while assisting to match firms with the right/best investors.


Planning and Financial Modeling

Taking the guess work out of the financial plan is critical. Bess Ventures helps its portfolio firms build real models for projecting, benchmarking and modeling to achieve strong margins and meet targets. Understanding the productivity drivers and cost drivers lays a foundation for building compelling plans - around which Management Teams and Boards can coalesce.


Go to Market Execution

Many firms fail even beyond the strategy and planning phases. Bess Ventures lends years of experience in bringing successful products and services to market. The foundational leverage model introduced to portfolio firms guides management teams through a careful exercise of understanding the proper levers that result in accelerated bookings and revenue growth - and the critical decisions that must be made and acted upon.


Corporate Development

In some instances, good strategy and good execution still leaves a company short of achieving high growth potential in the market. Such cases require examination of possible partnering and/or exit strategies to maximize the company value. Bess Ventures helps firms determine whether the business is best suited to press onward in building momentum – or consider alternate options - - and it assists in finding potential alliances or suitors.


Talent Definition and Acquisition

The people and the team make the difference! Leveraging years of experience in defining the critical skills required - and key contributor attributes for success, Bess Ventures assists companies in building world class teams. Its network of contacts often shorten the time to matching company needs with the best talent.


Board Advisory and Board Presentation

In select cases, Bess Ventures will serve on client firm Boards. As a Board member, Bess Ventures will advise and assist in maintaining  the integrity of the company, go-to-market strategy, performance and execution measurements - as well as helping define strong company culture.


Maintaining the overall integrity and commitment to shareholders is  a foundation of all Board participation.


Telling Your Story in a Compelling Way

Through Bess Ventures affiliated production companies, we assist firms in telling the company story through multi-media video. We assist companies from conceptualizing their story - - to scripting the words - - and presenting the story in video and other media. A well told story can articulate compelling value, capture mindshare and generate strong end-customer interest. Creation of customer testimonials captured in video further contributes to success.

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