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Space – The next Exciting
Journey and Challenge

I am thrilled to be flying with Blue Origin to experience my childhood dream of going to space. As many know, people who take risks, whether it be in starting or investing in new companies, always seek the next challenge. It seemed logical to combine my dream with my thirst for new challenges. But to me this journey represents a few important things:

  1. Reconnecting with my son to share an experience that we will remember forever. I committed so much of my time toward building companies over the past 20 years that there were large gaps of time where we missed each other’s company. Perhaps this makes up for lost time.

  2. Giving my son a platform to share his thoughts and ideas with the world.

  3. Hopefully - inspire many Entrepreneurs that the journey they undertake to build their vision into reality and meaningful companies can make anything possible. I came from a family where we had little - but taking risks and dreaming big led me to this opportunity. Dream big and work hard and there might just be a wonderful surprise that you never imagined.

Please view the video below where I provide a more personal (and less business) view into my life. Something I don’t often get a chance to do around the office or Board table.


Shoot for the moon and safe journeys.

In the Press
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'GMA' co-anchor Michael Strahan to fly to space on Blue Origin's next space flight.


Billionaires Are Helping the Ultra-Rich Live Out Their Space Fantasies.

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Who is Lane Bess as passengers on Blue Origin’s next flight are revealed?

Miami Herald

Seeking ‘zen’ moment: Miami Beach man ready for space journey aboard Bezos’ rocket.

GMA Logo.png
ABC Good Morning America

Michael Strahan and crew members talk final preparations ahead of space launch.

Blue Origin

New Shepard’s 19th mission will be the first to carry a full manifest of six astronauts to space.

Market Realist

Lane Bess and Cameron Bess Slated for Dec. 9 Blue Origin Flight.

USA Today

Ocean Township H.S. alum Lane Bess heading to space on Jeff Bezos' Blue Origin.

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