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Executive Off-site Meetings

Bess Ventures makes the yacht “Bess Times” available to its client firms for the purpose of executive meetings and team development retreats. Escaping from the day-to-day distractions at the office allows for focused discussions and team development.

Celebrating success at company kick-off events makes the hard work and dedication all the more worth the effort.


Customer Advisory Boards (CABs)

Learning from your best customers helps you sharpen your strategy and product success. When hosting CABs on “Bess Times” - (the floating meeting room in Miami), firms bring their key customers to a relaxing environment where open communication and new ideas can be shared and explored.

Bess Times can accommodate customer events for up to 100 guests. The main salon is ideal for off-site board meetings.

In-Person Collaborations

Bess Ventures makes its corporate jet available for important meetings which may require in-person meetings and collaboration – particularly during these more challenging times of commercial travel.​


Business didn't stop during COVID-19 pandemic and having the ability to gather the Board for meetings in safe locations and avoid commercial flying is valuable. 


Customer Meetings

Key customers and prospects still value face to face meetings – especially when it comes to critical projects and decision making.


Availability of flight at short notice has been an advantage for BV&A portfolio companies

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